Meet Your Therapist- Micky


Meet Micky, ARCH Physical Therapy’s fearless leader!  Micky started her journey as a Physical Therapist by getting her undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University.  She continued her education through Wayne State University in their Physical Therapy program following her time there.  After graduation, Micky began working at various clinics throughout the state.  Her passion for Physical Therapy only continued to grow- so much so that she decided to open a clinic of her very own.  And there starts the history of ARCH Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine! For over 10 years Micky has continued to pour her love for helping and healing into her business to better the greater Lansing community.  

In her years as a physical therapist, Micky has undergone multiple certifications and specializations to further educate herself and those around her.  She received certification for Functional Capacity Evaluations and can incorporate the testing protocol into her medical practice.  In addition to her FCE, Micky is also specialized in dry needling.  Dry needling is a technique used by skilled therapists to stimulate and release trigger points in the muscles.  Micky has additionally created a specialized program in the clinic for competitive gymnasts and cheerleaders.  Through years of research and hands-on experience, Micky has increased knowledge of how to diagnose and treat gymnastic-related injuries and deficits.  She frequently sees gymnasts of all competitive levels and ages and helps to aid them back into tip-top shape!

When asked about her favorite part of the job, Micky struggled to pick just one thing!  She said she really loves every aspect of her occupation but ultimately landed on patient care as being her favorite.  She elaborated to say that the relationships she holds with the patients are such a special thing to experience and she couldn’t imagine having a job without it! Her passion for patient care is evident in her treatment and the relationships that she develops.