Meet Your Therapist- Sheri

If you have not had the pleasure to work with Sheri you sure are missing out!

Sheri started her journey to be a physical therapist by earning her degree from the University of Michigan Flint.  Since then, she has been practicing for over 30 years!  While she has worked at other clinics, Sheri has been with ARCH Physical Therapy since the very beginning, and she’s been working with the owner Micky even longer!  It is not hard to see how passionate Sheri is once you work with her- she is patient, friendly, easy-going, and treats all of her patients with the utmost care!  

When she is not at work, Sheri enjoys spending time with her family and cheering for Michigan State University athletics- Go Green!  Sheri and her husband have been longtime season ticket holders for the Michigan State University football team and attend each home game (and some away games) every year! 

In addition to cheering for athletics, Sheri stays active in her daily life as well. Just this past year, Sheri participated in the Dalmac Bicycle Tour here in Michigan.  She and her husband trained all summer in preparation for the tour- sometimes biking upwards of 50 miles a day!  The tour ran over 5 days and they rode from Lansing to the Mackinac Bridge.  In addition to the bike tours, Sheri and her family have also participated in other athletic events such as numerous fundraising walks and the Tom Izzo 5K.

Sheri loves most things about her job, but when specifically asked about her favorite she said she enjoys her co-workers and the patients.  She went on to say that the patient population she works with is fun and everyone seems to make the best out of their situation- no matter what they are in physical therapy for!