Meet Your Therapist- Kalie

Meet Kalie, one of the many great therapists at ARCH. 

Kalie knew from early on that she was destined to be a physical therapist- so when she started her education it was no question what she wanted to do!  She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University and then returned right away to earn her DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy).  Since graduation, Kalie has been working at ARCH and celebrated her 3 years at the clinic this past September.  

In her free time, Kalie enjoys staying active by going to the gym and teaching competitive dance classes in her hometown.  In fact- Kalie danced competitively throughout her entire childhood as well as in college. She won two national championships during her time in dance and is now able to lead a team toward the same goals.  When she graduated and got her job as a physical therapist she knew that she couldn’t leave dance behind.  That is exactly why Kalie went on to practice dance rehabilitation at the clinic. After numerous continuing education courses to enhance her skills, she developed a comprehensive and detailed program specific to dancers. She is able to use this knowledge to provide individualized care to her dancing patients’ physical needs.  Her program includes posture analysis, pointe readiness strengthening, and screening, and addresses common dance injuries such as hip pain/dysfunction, flexibility, strength imbalance, knee pain/dysfunction, and much more! 

When asked about her favorite part of working as a physical therapist at ARCH she didn’t have to think twice about her answer.  She exclaimed, “I love the family atmosphere that we create between the patients and staff! I have never had a job quite like this one where collaboration and teamwork guide every interaction”.